Yorgos Efthymiadis

“Three years ago, I made a big change in my life: I moved to the US, away from friends and family. Even though I chose to live in Boston, an american city that has a european vibe, the transition was not smooth. Being submerged in a new culture, I was struck by the obvious differences between my homeland and my new surroundings. In order to find my sense of place, I picked up my camera and started exploring the area that I now call home, walking through the neighborhoods and the diverse cityscapes. I turned my attention to matters overlooked to me, fragments of working class suburbia that were normal to Americans but seemed odd through my eyes, like empty driveways and cluttered backyards.
Through these images I address longing; I’m looking in, peeking out to the other side, dreaming of the possible future. There is always an element that leads you in; a hope that dreams will be fulfilled, that stability will prevail, that this sense of loneliness and seclusion will fade away”. 
Yorgos Efthymiadis is a fine art and architectural photographer from Greece who resides in Somerville, MA. 
He has exhibited in various locations, including the Danforth Museum (New England Photography Biennial 2013) and was a semi-finalist at the Adobe Design Achievement Awards for two consecutive years. In addition, his work was included in New York Photo Festival “PhotoWorld 2014” and The Fence at Photoville (Boston). Finally. his projects were featured on Photographer’s Forum, Lensculture and PDN.