Rodolfo Felici

Photographer and architect, Rodolfo Felici lives and works in Rome. He represents the fifth generation in a family of photographers that documents the daily activity of the Popes since 1863 ( He still keeps alive this family tradition with his father, and is the curator of a huge image archive comprehensive of 150 years of vatican and italian history. His works are published on several italian and internationals magazine and books.

In 2010 he took a master degree in Architecture at University La Sapienza of Rome, with a thesis about his great-great-grandfather, Costantino Sneider Architetto 1844-1932; he was the last architect of Sacri Palazzi (sacred buildings) in Vatican, the architect responsible of Saint Peter and of the four basiliche maggiori of Rome. In 2012 took PGDip in Architecture, Sacred Arts and Liturgy at Università Europea di Roma, with the thesis: “La Fotografia come Arte Sacra” (Photography as Sacred Art). In 2014 he achieves the first prize for the best black and white work in the contest Roma: Abitare, Vivere, Essere, promoted by ACER (Associazione Costruttori Edili Romani) for the 70th anniversary of the association. The photo has been exibited in the Acquario Romano, house of the Professional Association of Architets of Rome.